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> Manvendra,
> Do you have a page on how to configure DKIM after patching qmail?  Or is it 
> in the dkfilter man page as part of the patch?

I think you mean dk-filter. The man page is part of the patch. You can
use qmail-dkim(8) if you want signing/verification at SMTP. You can
use dk-filter(8) if you desire signing/verification only at
local/remote delivery.

You will need to set the environment variables DKIMSIGN to the path of
the private key (generated by dknewkey(8) or openssl). The variable
needs to be set in the script which calls qmail-send. I believe you
want to do DKIM signing only for your remote mails. You will have to
set QMAILREMOTE=/var/indimail/bin/spawn-filter also in the qmail-send
script. Finally you will either need to use the control file
/var/qmail/control/filterargs or the environment variable FILTERAGS.
Advantage of control file is that you can have DKIMSIGNING only for
specific domains. e.g.


Will execute dk-filter only for outgoing mails destined for the domain

You can use the following page for configuration instructions. The
only thing you will have to do differently is setting the environment
variables (which I presume will be /var/qmail/rc). The page below
assumes a setup which uses envdir(8) and all environment variables for
qmail-send are in /service/qmail-send.25/variables.



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