On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 1:01 AM, Roberto Puzzanghera <ad...@sagredo.eu> wrote:
> Hello Manvendra, I'm testing your patch and reading all your docs.
> Can you please clarify which is the advantage of filtering at smtp level?

At the SMTP level, qmail-smtpd does not break a mail addressed to
multiple recipients. Hence a single mail addressed to multiple
recipients will undergo encryption/decryption for DKIM only once.

In case you decide to do DKIM at remote/local delivery for better
control on signing/verification, DKIM will happen for every delivery.
At the local/remote delivery, qmail-send does an individual delivery
for each recipient in an email message. So if you have a mail
addressed to 10 recipients, DKIM will happen 10 times. Also if the
delivery to the destination fails with a temp error, the delivery will
be retried and DKIM will also happen again.


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