Il 01/03/2011 11:33, Salman Riaz ha scritto:
Dear Alessio,
Its now working fine. I am using courier imap with vpopmail-5.4.33. I
have also checked the code of maildirquota.c. It majorly depends on the
recalculating time of quota not on the size (5120 bytes or more) of
emails. If we reduce this time it will results load in the server. It is
set as 15 minutes for the optimum load on the server.

When I have use IMAP then it updates the quota at the same time. When I
use POP then it updates the quota after 15 minutes. Currently I am
conducting more tests to understand the working of this vpopmail.


Hi Salman,

please if you find some helpful information share with us :-)

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