You can deliver directly to the Maildir via a forward. Details are in the man 



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Subject: [vchkpw] way to deliver to Maildir bypassing .qmail files?


I'm in a time-sensitive bind in which I need to set something up quickly for
a user in my existing qmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin system (which has a little
procmail sprinkled in).

The goal is to create a new forward or forwarding account that forwards to
this user's existing account but bypasses the .qmail file associated with
that account (which invokes spam filtering).  In short I want to deliver to
the Maildir but skip the .qmail instructions.  If I'm not mistaken the
mechanisms I can think of within vpopmail do NOT do this.

This is a solution to a problem that this user is in a critical
health-related process that requires that she reliably receive critical
email (from people who have the new address).  The other requirement is not
to have to alter this person's email settings in a way that would require
adding another account to her Apple Mail scenario.  The user has visual
problems and limited capacity to deal with things like an extra folder
appearing in her Apple Mail interface.

The only thing I could think of is that maybe a very short procmail command
file might name a Maildir which gets delivered to directly without reference
to the .qmail file which would cause the spam filter (sorely needed for the
existing address) to be invoked.

But if there were a more straighforward way to do this directly in
qmail+vpopmail I'd like to know about it.

I am currently using vpopmail 5.4.10 (and qmailadmin 1.2.8), and right now
is not the time to upgrade (please).

Thanks for any thoughts.



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