On 3/6/2011 10:13 PM, Kurt Bigler wrote:

I'm in a time-sensitive bind in which I need to set something up quickly for
a user in my existing qmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin system (which has a little
procmail sprinkled in).

The goal is to create a new forward or forwarding account that forwards to
this user's existing account but bypasses the .qmail file associated with
that account (which invokes spam filtering).  In short I want to deliver to
the Maildir but skip the .qmail instructions.  If I'm not mistaken the
mechanisms I can think of within vpopmail do NOT do this.

Don't create an account for the new address, instead create a .qmail-new-address file in the domain directory. In that .qmail file add the following:


I don't believe it is possible with qmailadmin anymore, but you should be able to set it up by hand. It will probably show up in qmailadmin once you create the forward, but DO NOT edit it with qmailadmin.



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