aliases are .qmail-aliasname files.

"matt-foo" is not an alias. It is an extension of name "matt".

For enabling extensions you must enable (uncomment) CHKUSER_ENABLE_USERS_EXTENSIONS For enabling ezmlm lists, you must enable (uncomment) CHKUSER_ENABLE_EZMLM_LISTS.

See for more info.



I have several domains hosted via vpopmail, and I use
chkuser 2.0.9 to block dictionary-attack spam.

chkuser appears to have broken my ability to use
qmail's "dash aliases" for vpopmail domains. For example,
if I had a vpopmail account called "",
prior to chkuser I was able to send mail to
"" and it would be delivered to
the "" Maildir.

After installing chkuser 2.0.9, this feature stopped

chkuser 2.0.9 appears supports dash aliases by default.
This is the relevant line from chkuser_settings.h:

But this doesn't seem to work for vpopmail-hosted
domains -- only for the domain that is hosted natively
within qmail (listed in /var/qmail/control/locals).

The specific problem this causes me now is that
ezmlm-idx mailing lists cannot be used for vpopmail
domains, because ezmlm relies on dash aliases. For
example, a moderation reply address looks like:
whereas the delivery address is actually:

Subscription confirmation requests are similarly broken.

Is chkuser known to support qmail aliases within

Related to the above, is chkuser 2.0.9 known to be
compatible with ezmlm-idx 7.1.1?

Thank you.


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