Il 24/09/2012 15:34, Rick Romero ha scritto:
Heres a patch for 5.4.17 - I've been running this for a while now.

Basically, run the deliver command after the tempfile is created (to verify delivery and quota) then unlink the tempfile and return. I tried to make it all fancy with build options, then figured I was the only one who would do it this wacky way. :)

This version passes the home directory to deliver, so you don't need to run the dovecot lookup service. I also had to specify the timezone to get the correct timestamp for some reason.


Thanks Rick!

your patch is very helpful for me, also passes the HOME to deliver is a good idea.

Another useful options, for delivery, will be to add the "extension" via "-m mailbox" so dovecot will deliver the email directly in this folder (if vpopmail is build with enable-qmail-ext).

An email to alessio-vpopml@ will be delivery to the "vpopml" folder.

In the enviroment, what is the variable for the "extension" (vpopml)?

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