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Il 24/09/2012 16:57, Rick Romero ha scritto:

Quoting Alessio Cecchi <ales...@skye.it>:

Il 24/09/2012 15:34, Rick Romero ha scritto:
Heres a patch for 5.4.17 - I've been running this for a while now.

Basically, run the deliver command after the tempfile is created (to verify delivery and quota) then unlink the tempfile and return. I tried to make it all fancy with build options, then figured I was the only one who would do it this wacky way. :)

This version passes the home directory to deliver, so you don't need to run the dovecot lookup service. I also had to specify the timezone to get the correct timestamp for some reason.


Thanks Rick!

your patch is very helpful for me, also passes the HOME to deliver is a good idea.

Another useful options, for delivery, will be to add the "extension" via "-m mailbox" so dovecot will deliver the email directly in this folder (if vpopmail is build with enable-qmail-ext).

An email to alessio-vpopml@ will be delivery to the "vpopml" folder.

In the enviroment, what is the variable for the "extension" (vpopml)?

There is none at the point deliver is called - by the time it gets called, all the qmail-ext work has been done so the HOME directory is the correct user's Maildir directory. 'deliver' just needs to drop the email into that location and update the indexes. That's what I was shooting for. Besides using qmail-ext, I still have old vacation and forwards that I didn't want to worry about. vdelivermail still handles all of that. I just wanted deliver to update indexes on delivery.

I hadn't thought about it - but the version of Dovecot on my front-end servers that do delivery is still in the 1.2 series. So there may be some slight differences if you're running 2.0 deliver.


I'm using dovecot 2.1 with native auth-vpopmail. With 1.2 native auth-vpopmail have some limits.

My idea is to run dovecot-lda like:

/usr/lib/dovecot/deliver -d $EXT@$HOST -m $Extension

where if original recipient is alessio-li...@cecchi.it Extension is "lists", but in vpopmail environment how is called "Extension" (if is present)?

I don't think that's right - according to the Dovecot Wiki -m is Mailbox. Like INBOX or Trash, etc..

If you wish to use Dovecot's mailbox lookup, you can just use:
/usr/lib/dovecot/deliver -d $EXT@$HOST

I don't use thatt, what's why I pass the HOME variable.



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