I think the only way is to make a NFS mount (but it's a really bad idea to 
implement it in production)

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On 18/02/2013 11:37 PM, Remo Mattei wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a qmail server running and for some reasons qmailadmin does not 
> install, I have rebuild a new qmail server and the qmailadmin works 
> fine same version of OS pretty much same configuration but does not 
> want to listen about having qmailadmin running. So is there a way to 
> use the new qmail server and run the qmailadmin from there to access 
> the production qmail server?
> Thanks,
> Remo

I don't think it's possible. qmailadmin reads the local qmail files to find the 
virtual domains. Not to mention, that you need to access the filesystem to 
create/delete users directories.



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