On 19/02/2013 07:01 PM, Camille Ollié wrote:
Le 19/02/2013 15:50, Remo Mattei a écrit :
Thanks this is what I thought. Do u guys have an alternative to qmailadmin?

There is no way to use qmail with mysql database, and a web
intertface to manage account which i using the database, as postfix
and postfixadmin works ?

You can use MySQL to manage some account info, like changing password for example. But for creating/deleting users, you need access to the filesystem. vdelivermail does not create the virtual user Maildir, this is done by 'vadduser' or the qmailadmin cgi binary.

I have used postfix only in iredmail suite, but there the web interface only inserts the domain/user record in the database. The other processes (postfix delivery and imap/pop3 logins via dovecot) create the homedir. If you delete user/domain, it does delete from the DB, but does not touch the filesystem.


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