It's been some time since I've had to dig into any vpopmail issues as we have a 
box that's been "frozen in time" for years.  It's quite the frankenbox at this 
point and I'll be having to get myself up to speed in the coming months to deal 
with a move to new hardware, moving to dovecot from courier, and fronting the 
whole qmail mess with postfix.

So I decided to start small and verify I can still rebuild the current vpopmail 
version we run (5.4.7) in a VM and alter a few options.

I opted to enable the "last login" function.  It was turned off long ago to 
alleviate some db load, but that's no longer an issue for us.  I've rebuilt 
5.4.7 with "--enable-auth-logging" but I'm not seeing all logins show up in the 
"lastauth" table.  We use courier (4.0.6) and authdaemond (0.58) with vpopmail 
auth enabled.

In my testing, I tried a pop3, pop3s, imap, and imaps login and found no errors 
logged and no logins show up in the lastauth table.  To complicate matters, I 
do see a handful of users showing up in the table, but I can't find any common 
criteria here - some of these users are pop, some are imap.

I feel like I've probably forgotten some piece of this puzzle, any hints?  How 
can I debug why the logins are not being logged?



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