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  I am installing vpopmail together with dovecot.
  Mail must be delivered to /home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user>/Maildir,
not by vdelivermail itself, but by dovecot-lda (to keep index files updated,
among other things).
  So, I write a /home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user>/.qmail file,
containing simply

  | preline -f dovecot-lda

  as the dovecot instructions say.

  But it does not work: mail gets delivered to
/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/Maildir - which is definitely not
what I want if I have more than one user. :)
  I have investigated and found the source of the problem: when
dovecot-lda is run, the virtual user's home directory, contained in
the HOME environment variable, is not
/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user> as it should be. It is still
/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>, the value it has when vdelivermail
is executed.

  It makes sense to have HOME=/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain> when
executing vdelivermail, because that's the correct home for the
<domain>-<user>@<domain> virtual user from qmail-local's point of view.
However, when vdelivermail processes a dot-qmail file itself in
/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user>, it knows what the right
home for <user>@<domain> is, and should adjust HOME accordingly before
running other programs in the qmail-command fashion.

  I am currently modifying HOME myself before executing into
dovecot-lda, in the .qmail file, and it's working perfectly. However,
it would be cleaner if vdelivermail did this itself.

  It would also be a lot cleaner if vdelivermail hid the <domain>-<user>
thing under the rug: once qmail-send has been fooled and control has
been given to vdelivermail, the virtualdomains hack is not necessary
anymore, and is only confusing to software run in further .qmail files.
For instance, a qreceipt instruction in a
/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user>/.qmail file currently has to be:

| qreceipt $EXT@$HOST

But it really should be

| qreceipt $USER@$HOST

like with system users. Also, specific workarounds have to be enabled
to make ezmlm lists work under vpopmail; if vdelivermail was putting
the right environment variables back, ezmlm would work out of the box.

  Please consider this change - along with a new, vpopmail-specific
environment variable so vpopmail-aware applications still know that
the address is virtual and really handled by vpopmail.

  Developer bait: with this change, vdelivermail wouldn't have to perform
MDA duties itself anymore. If it found a user in the vpasswd
database, it could just hand the delivery to qmail-local. :)

  Thank you,

Anything further on this?

I'm going to be looking at integrating dovecot-lda in QmailToaster, and would consider making these changes. I need to examine the situation in more detail before committing to this though.

FWIW, I've already modified the vpopmail QMT package to:
.) build as a non-root user
.) create a vpopmail-devel package with includes and libs
.) put /include and /lib in their typical locations

FWIW2, I'm toying with the idea of making the vpopmail QMT package LSB compliant (which very few packages actually are).


-Eric 'shubes'


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