Where should I be digging around to see where large quotas fall apart in 

I'm on 5.4.32 (long story, but I like the extra security cleanup in the FreeBSD 
ports version) and while 5GB+ quotas seem to work fine when dealing with 
individual user accounts (delivery, displaying quota, maildirsize), it seems 
like the domain-related limits start to fall apart.

Something like "vmoddomlimits -q5000m example.com" results in this output:

vmoddomlimits -S eylward.com
Domain Quota: 0 MB
Default User Quota: 1073741824 bytes <<<---
Max Domain Messages: 0
Default Max Messages per User: 0

In the database (limits table), I have this value as well:  1073741824

I made sure the db can take a larger value.  If I manually set the 
"defaultquota" column in the db to "5368709120", adding a new user results in a 
user with the same 1073741824 quota.  Manually upping that user to 5GB with 
vmoduser works fine.

I also noted that when I had the default set to 3GB in vlimits.default, all 
those domains created had a defaultquota (displayed with vmoddomlimits and in 
the db itself) of -1073741824.

Removing the default entry from vlimits.default does not change this behavior 
either (thought I'd check it).

Any ideas?  Anyone else running more than 2GB quotas?

We're looking at 5GB as a target, I've been ramping ours up 1GB every few 
weeks.  Noticed oddness with new domains at the 3GB mark.



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