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Looks like I need 5.4.33.  Built it with most of the strncpy and other nice 
patches, compiled clean, and I'll do some testing tomorrow.  If it holds up, 
I'll submit my updated port to the FreeBSD folks and see if they'll take it and 
bump their version up to 5.4.33.

On Dec 11, 2013, at 10:42 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Where should I be digging around to see where large quotas fall apart in 
> vpopmail?
> I'm on 5.4.32 (long story, but I like the extra security cleanup in the 
> FreeBSD ports version) and while 5GB+ quotas seem to work fine when dealing 
> with individual user accounts (delivery, displaying quota, maildirsize), it 
> seems like the domain-related limits start to fall apart.
> Something like "vmoddomlimits -q5000m" results in this output:
> vmoddomlimits -S
> […]
> Domain Quota: 0 MB
> Default User Quota: 1073741824 bytes <<<---
> Max Domain Messages: 0
> Default Max Messages per User: 0
> In the database (limits table), I have this value as well:  1073741824
> I made sure the db can take a larger value.  If I manually set the 
> "defaultquota" column in the db to "5368709120", adding a new user results in 
> a user with the same 1073741824 quota.  Manually upping that user to 5GB with 
> vmoduser works fine.
> I also noted that when I had the default set to 3GB in vlimits.default, all 
> those domains created had a defaultquota (displayed with vmoddomlimits and in 
> the db itself) of -1073741824.
> Removing the default entry from vlimits.default does not change this behavior 
> either (thought I'd check it).
> Any ideas?  Anyone else running more than 2GB quotas?
> We're looking at 5GB as a target, I've been ramping ours up 1GB every few 
> weeks.  Noticed oddness with new domains at the 3GB mark.
> Thanks,
> Charles


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