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3) what you desire to happen
When i send a message to  ssiad-secretar...@piemont.fr i want that the message 
go to the ssiad-secretar...@piemont.fr mail box and foward to spa...@piemont.fr

And when i send a massage to  ss...@piemont.fr i want a simple foward to 
I think if you modify the ssiad-secretariat@ account to also forward a
copy to spasad@, that would achieve your desired behavior. I.e., in
qmailadmin, under the Routing section, select Forward To, and check the
Save a Copy checkbox.

it's a part of a solution
this will create a .qmail file in the user directory
but vdelivermail won't read it
because of the extension addresses mechanism

ssiad-secretariat@ is an alias for user ssiad@
it's quite a strange conf to give a forward to the user
and the account to the alias

mail delivery in a glance
qmail-send -> qmail-lspawn -> qmail-local -> vdelivermail -> vuser/valias

we must shorten delivery before vdelivermail handle it
because of ssiad forward, vdelivermail will ignore ssiad-secretariat account

lspawn read users/cdb, we can shorten the delivery here, answer 2
local read .qmail-files in domain directory, we can shorten too here, answer 1

answer 1, according vpopmail is in /home/vpopmail
create a file .qmail-ssiad-secretariat in /home/vpopmail/domains/piemont.fr
0600 vpopmail:vchkpw
write in
if you want to change the headers for spasad
for straight copy

answer 2
according to Eric explanation
we have a .qmail in /home/vpopmail/domains/piemont.fr/ssiad-secretariat/
we need local to read this .qmail file
so lspawn have to point to the correct directory
before local handle delivery

edit /var/qmail/users/assign
add the line (check if 89:89 are uid gid of vpopmail:vchkpw)
before the piemont.fr virtual domain line
and run /var/qmail/bin/qmail-newu to rebuild /var/qmail/users/cdb

answer 3
a forward account instead of a simple forward
delete ssiad forward
create ssiad account
apply Eric solution without saving a copy
ssiad will be master for ssiad-everything but secretariat


Thanks for this post, xaf. It's the best description I've seen of delivery in the 8 years I've been using QMT. I expect this will be helpful when we integrate Dovecot's LDA in the near future.

FWIW, I'd go with answer #3. It seems to me to be the simplest given your situation. It can all be done with qmailadmin, with no need to use any CLI configuration methods.

-Eric 'shubes'


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