try in this way:

 * delete the forward
 * create one normal account
 * insert within this account a forward to

In this way it should work.


Il 24/04/2014 19:45, Eric Shubert ha scritto:
That could very well be, Tom.

Stéphane, I believe the odd behavior is due to qmail's 'extension' feature, which comes into play with accounts that contain a '-', and the portion before the dash matches another account or forward. You could avoid this 'collision' (or 'conflict' or 'commonality') by choosing different address names, such as 'ssiad_secretariat@' or 'ssiad.secretariat@' or 'secretariat-ssiad@' (providing there is no account or forward called 'secretariat@' in this last case).

Email extensions are a handy feature for some users, but admins need to be careful when using a '-' in account names.

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