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In vpopmail-5.5.0 there seems to be a bug in vpopmail.c where the password strength is checked even if a password isn't used (such as when -e is used to add the encrypted password). Patch attached.

I do not understand the problem.

Of course password strenght is checked every time, and if it founds a null/empty password it gives error back if password must have a minimum lenght.

Your patch instead permit to have null password even if strenght policy would not allow it.


The problem is is that vadduser.c can call vadduser() (in vpopmail.c) without a password. It does this in the situation where vadduser.c has had the options "-e" or "-n" passed to it, so if this is the case the password can't be checked againts the password strength rules. The underlying function vadduser() needs to be able to add a user with no password.

I realize additional controls are done before calling vadduser(); but I personally would prefer an explicit parameter added to vadduser for avoiding password check (it may be a further parameter having default = "check").
It would make developers more protected against unwanted security bugs.



I agree that it would be better to explicitly indicate to vadduser() that no password is wanted. I even looked quicky at setting the password to NULL to indicate no password, but both this and an explicit parameter would need changes to all the backends, so have left it as is for now.

It could be done in two ways:

 * considering most od c compilers are c++ compilers, and that means we
   can add an implicit parameter (, nocheck_pwd = 0)
 * duplicate the function for this usage, and call the duplicated
   function from avdduser when needed.



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