If I've understood you correctly, you are having a hard time installing ESX 3i on your blades? Were you able to have it install anywhere successfully? Have you tried another install media? How about making an ESX 3i bootable keychain? I have had success creating a keychain and booting from that keychain to test a server's compatability with ESX 3i.

ESX 3i does have a hardware compatability matrix which is a short list. What does it say about your compatability? If you can get any more information, please post it.


Brian Bouterse
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On Mar 11, 2009, at 12:11 AM, 杨杰 wrote:

I'm now preparing to run vcl on the esx 3i server( update 3). While i was
installing the esx 3i onto the blade of ibm hs21, it stayed still when
"Starting VMware ESX Server 3i", and the process bar at the bottom of the screen now is already 80%. i had tried on different blades or the VMs and
the VT function of cpu is open.

is there any bugs in this version of esxi ?

thank you !
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