VBS scripts are run using cscript.exe.  Try running:
cscript.exe auto_create_image.vbs

What is the URL of the page you're referring to?  It needs to be corrected.


Melba Lopez wrote:
I'm trying to create a base Windows XP image for VCL and following the
instructions (below) on the wiki, I've come across a problem.
Instructions on the Wiki:

More stuff to do

   - On the windows node, run auto_create_image.vbs. This disables the
   pagefile and reboots the machine. This can be done with:

cmd /c auto_create_image.vbs

When I try to run auto_create_image.vbs it seems to error out on the
comments section.  I've looked at the file and nothing is apparent on what
could be wrong because it is commented out.  Everything up until this point
has worked fine.

*Here's what I could copy from the cmd prompt:

*$ ./auto_create_image.vbs
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 3: $' Licensed to the Apache Softwa
ASF) under one or more\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 5: $' this work for additional info
ng copyright ownership.\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 7: $' (the "License"); you may not
xcept in compliance with\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 9: $'\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 11: $'\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 13: $' distributed under the Licens
d on an "AS IS" BASIS,\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 15: $' See the License for the spec
overning permissions and\n': command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 17: On: command not found
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 19: syntax error near unexpected to
./auto_create_image.vbs: line 19: `Set oWshShell = CreateObject("

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