Back in November of last year we accepted a project into the Apache Incubator which is called Virtual Computing Lab (VCL). The initial code base was donated by North Carolina State University and assigned to the ASF and is located at .

A question was raised on the dev list about the vailidity of the use of the name VCL for the Apache Incubator project because there is some overlap with the use of that term at NC State. The project existed at NC State and has a fairly well known name called VCL (see . Since NC State has assigned the code to Apache and the name of the project carries the same name what are the legal concerns about this relationship?

At this point NC State is no longer doing any development of VCL at NC State but has moved development to Apache and has contributors from a number of universities that currently use the project and have familiarity with the code and the "brand" of the project. The community would like to maintain the name because of the goodwill it has at existing deployments.

I'd like to get some feedback, both legal and otherwise, for the project. The team is interested in releasing its first Apache Incubator release and the name issue needs to be resolved.



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