Thank you for your greate help ! According to the email, this release does
not support the deployment to the bare metal images. Then how could i  make
it ? Will you give some direction? Or is there any higher release version
recently ?

Thanks again !

2009/4/9 Brian Bouterse <bmbou...@ncsu.edu>

> I've finished building the new version of the VCL VM appliance which is
> ready to deploy virtual machines onto ESX and ESX 3i hypervisors.  This VM
> does not contain xcat and cannot deploy bare metal images or vmware-server
> images.  The announcement is happening on this list because this VM
> appliance should lower the barrier to working with VCL within this
> community.  Just to be clear, this VM is not being released by Apache.  The
> major improvements include:
> The entire VM is only 3.1GB so it should be easy for folks to download
> The setup has been greatly simplified from the older and deprecated version
> hosted at the http://www.ibiblio.org/vclvm/ site
> The VM comes with the ESX/ESX 3i provisioning module pre-installed and
> ready to use
> To get started working with this VM, you will need:
> At least one ESX or ESX 3i hypervisor
> Some form of NFS storage which can also be SSH'd into.  A good example of
> this is a simple Linux box acting as an NFS server.
> The link to the instructions (which include a VM download link) are located
> below.  These instructions are on wiki ... if you use them, and find
> improvements, please update the documentation!
> https://wiki.oscr.ncsu.edu/wiki/index.php/The_VCL_2.1_Virtual_Appliance
> Best,
> Brian
> Brian Bouterse
> Secure Open Systems Initiative
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