We are reloading the fefora 10 VMs to the ESXi Hypervisor now with VCL
version 2.1. The steps of the operations are as follows:

1. Add the ESXi Hypervisor to VCL;
2. Configure & test the NFS service, and mount the NFS named "VCL" to the
target ESXi Hypervisor;
3. Make a fedora 10's VM image with ESXi and copy the vmdk, vmx, nvram etc.
files to the directory NFSROOT/golden/[IMG_NAME];
4. Add the image into the tables of vcl database;
5. After those operations, the new image ( named esx3-Fedora-v0) is
correctly found in the list.

Then we select the target ESXi hypervisor and click reload, all are OK
before the following exception:

Apr 21 20:47:34 Hostd: Accepted password for user vcl from
Apr 21 20:47:34 Hostd: [2009-04-21 20:47:34.396 'Vimsvc' 81926 info] [Auth]:
> User vcl
Apr 21 20:47:34 Hostd: [2009-04-21 20:47:34.397 'ha-eventmgr' 81926 info]
> Event 114 : User v...@ logged in
Apr 21 20:47:35 Hostd: [2009-04-21 20:47:35.751 'TaskManager' 49156 info]
> Task Created : haTask-ha-folder-vm-vim.Folder.register

And the logs in the file vcld.log show the following msgs:

2009-04-21 17:24:56|7759|18:18|reload|esx.pm:load(336)|Register Command:
> /usr/lib/vmware-viperl/apps/vm/vmregister.pl --server 'esxi2.p12.edu.cn'
> --username vcl --password 'xjtudlc' --vmxpath
> '[VCL]/inuse/VM_ubuntu8/esx3-Fedora-v0.vmx' --operation register --vmname
> VM_ubuntu8 --pool Resources --hostname 'esxi2.p12.edu.cn' --datacenter
> 'ha-datacenter'
2009-04-21 17:25:01|7759|18:18|reload|esx.pm:lo
 |7759|18:18|reload| SOAP Fault:
|7759|18:18|reload| -----------
|7759|18:18|reload| Fault string: The object or item referred to could not
> be found.
|7759|18:18|reload| Fault detail: NotFoundFault

Are there any mistakes in our operations, or any key points to pay attention
to when creating the images which are used in the reload operation ?

Thank you !
Yang Jie(杨杰)

Team of MRMSS, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Department of Computer Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University

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