We have setup the environment for VM provision on ESXi recently. We are
confused about some mechanisms:

   - Images are stored in NFS

As I see, VCL stores images in NFS and just copy it locally when using it.
It means that the hardisk in the esxi hypervisor will not be used. All the
VMs are stored in remote computer and all the operations will be remote
operation (CPU exsits in Hypervisor but hardisk exsits in NFS). I think it
may lead performance problems. Although we can setup mutiple NFS servers, it
is not good that the hardisk in the hypervisor is not used and all the
operations will be remote in my opinion. Why not transfer the image to the
esxi hypervisor which will run the image?

   - Image reusing

When we use an image from repository, VCL does: 1. copy the image form
/golden/<image_name> to /inuse/<image_name>, 2. start the image. It's
difficult for image reusing. It's impossible for mutiple machines to use the
same image because the copy operation will only copy one image to the /inuse
folder and that image can be used only for one esxi hypervisor. Other copy
operation will overwrite that image. Again, if we transfer the image to
hypervisor, there won't be such problem.

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