Hi All,

There are a couple of vcl appliances in the form of vmware vm's that are
used by the community. These vm's are scattered across several hosting sites
(ibiblio, oscar systems, etc). I think we need a system for maintaining,
support, and hosting for these appliances.

Here are some opinions/datapoints to start the discussion:
- I propose that we have one supported appliance version for simplicity
- I'd like ibiblio host it if they and Apache are cool with it
- The current vm at ibiblio (vcl v1.6) should be deprecated
- A fedora version of a vm exists here -
- We are working on a sles vm version

Questions to answer:
- Which vm(s) should be currently supported?
- Where should they be hosted?
- Who handles this in the future and what is the process (how to track with
releases, testing, schedule, etc)?

John Bass
NEXT Services
(919) 515-0154

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