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It's my understanding that because the appliance contains GPL licensed 
software (more specifically, any software whose license is not compatible 
with the ASL), it cannot be officially "supported" by the Apache VCL 
development group.  If that's correct, someone in the community is allowed to 
provide an unofficial appliance as a convenience to users of Apache VCL, in 
which case, the questions below would be more along the lines of "what's most 
convenient for users" vs. "what does the community officially want to do".

Mentors - Am I correct about this?


On Thursday August 20, 2009, John Bass wrote:
> Hi All,
> There are a couple of vcl appliances in the form of vmware vm's that are
> used by the community. These vm's are scattered across several hosting
> sites (ibiblio, oscar systems, etc). I think we need a system for
> maintaining, support, and hosting for these appliances.
> Here are some opinions/datapoints to start the discussion:
> - I propose that we have one supported appliance version for simplicity
> - I'd like ibiblio host it if they and Apache are cool with it
> - The current vm at ibiblio (vcl v1.6) should be deprecated
> - A fedora version of a vm exists here -
> https://wiki.oscr.ncsu.edu/wiki/index.php/The_VCL_2.1_Virtual_Appliancegive
>s - We are working on a sles vm version
> Questions to answer:
> - Which vm(s) should be currently supported?
> - Where should they be hosted?
> - Who handles this in the future and what is the process (how to track with
> releases, testing, schedule, etc)?
> John Bass
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