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The only TODO item left in defining our release process 
(http://cwiki.apache.org/VCL/cutting-a-vcl-release.html) is if and how to use 
release candidates.  Part of the release process is for the community to vote 
on the release.  For that to happen, a fixed collection of the code needs to 
exist so that everyone is voting on the exact same thing (it wouldn't do for 
people to vote on HEAD from svn because that could change from one person's 
vote to another's).

There are a few options that exist for the fixed collection:

(1) pick a revision number from trunk or a branch
(2) create a tag
(3) go through the steps of making a release artifact, but label it a release 
candidate (RC) and distribute it somewhere other than the official 
distribution area

Here are the pros and cons I see right now:
(1) pros - very easy for the developers - just pick a revision number and
           we're done
         - because it's so easy, if a vote fails because of something that
           that needs to be fixed, it's easy to fix it and pick a new
           revision number
    cons - not as easy for non-developers (i.e. people who aren't normally
           using SVN to access to code) to test - this may result in fewer
           people testing it, making the release more likely to have bugs
         - it doesn't test the process of creating the artifact

(2) pros - not as easy as #1, but still pretty easy
         - if a vote fails, just create another tag
    cons - same cons as #1, plus:
         - could result in many tags that could make subversion a little

(3) pros - tests the process of creating the artifact
         - easier for non-developers to test so could get better bug
    cons - more involved, so more effort that has to be repeated if a vote

Please share your thought on which method you think would be best.  If you can 
think of another option that would be better, please share it.  Also, if we 
pick one option and decide we don't like it, we can change the process for 
the next release.

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