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I'm hoping to get an RC artifact out for a vote early next week. We've been going through a test install to make sure the code is good and the installation notes are clear.

Here is a wiki page I have that's my checklist of what is left:

I haven't crossed off the CHANGELOG part because I want to generate a new one right before making the svn tag.

Is there anything else we need to do before making the artifact and calling a vote?

I noticed on that one of the goals is 'Modularize OS code'. Is there a timeline for when (or what revision) that goal is to be met by?

The way the OS code is modularized out today has greatly improved from when I first started looking at the VCL code. However, I did a quick search for 'linux' and found the following subroutines with linux-specific code (I may have missed a few):

As well as some code in the provisioning modules.

In addition, I think moving away from having a predefined windows, blade, lab, etc identity key and instead have determining which key to use being part of the OS module go go a long ways towards this modularization. Or better yet, move all the ssh calls into OS-specific modules so that someone can add support for an OS that doesn't require ssh (ie an alternate windows module).

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