The 2.1 goals on the page you referenced were a bit vague. It was created when the ASF VCL community was just beginning and hadn't yet fully adopted Jira and its roadmap features. As a result, that page is outdated and its intent has been replaced by the Jira issues tagged for 2.1:

There is still some OS code scattered in the various modules, mostly Linux code. For 2.1, the main goal was to create the OS modularization architecture. The Windows code modularization is complete (except for a tiny bit of cleanup to do). The Linux code is probably 75% complete. I think completing Linux modularization should be a 2.2 goal.

Regarding SSH keys for each OS... I think you are referring to the IDENTITY_* properties in the vcld.conf file which wind up as global variables created in (ex: $IDENTITY_wxp). These global variables are being phased out and I would like them to be completely removed for 2.2. $IDENTITY_wxp isn't used at all in any of the Windows modules.

Identity key paths are now stored in the database as managementnode.keys. This value can be a comma-separated list of paths. When is called, it gets passed an identity keys argument which may be a single path or a list. It assembles the SSH call with multiple "-i <path>" arguments as necessary.

I really like your idea about an alternate Windows module that doesn't use SSH. This wouldn't be too difficult to implement if all the SSH calls in the Windows modules are routed through a single subroutine instead of calling would call run_ssh_command(). I had actually thought about doing this to reduce duplicated code. Many of the Windows subroutines perform the same steps:
-get the computer name: $self->data->get_computer_node_name()
-get the identity keys: $self->data->get_management_node_keys()
-check the exit status and output would make the alternate Windows module easy to implement. All you would have to do is implement a run_command() subroutine in the alternate module, inheriting from

I wouldn't move all of the SSH code into the individual OS modules because run_ssh_command() is a little nasty and should be shared. It would, however, be beneficial to move run_ssh_command() to This would allow it to use $self->data rather than passing it the same arguments over and over again such as the computer name and keys. It could also be overridden in inheriting modules if necessary.


Sean Dilda wrote:

I noticed on that one of the goals is 'Modularize OS code'. Is there a timeline for when (or what revision) that goal is to be met by?

The way the OS code is modularized out today has greatly improved from when I first started looking at the VCL code. However, I did a quick search for 'linux' and found the following subroutines with linux-specific code (I may have missed a few):

As well as some code in the provisioning modules.

In addition, I think moving away from having a predefined windows, blade, lab, etc identity key and instead have determining which key to use being part of the OS module go go a long ways towards this modularization. Or better yet, move all the ssh calls into OS-specific modules so that someone can add support for an OS that doesn't require ssh (ie an alternate windows module).

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