Hi Brian,
You should have access to a global $SYSADMIN variable. This variable gets set to the value of the sysadmin= line in vcld.conf.

Keep in mind, this global variable is a remnant of the code before it was modularized and before DataStructure.pm was created. It will likely go away once the following Jira issue slated for 2.2 is complete:

It will be easy to expose it in DataStructure.pm as something like $self->data->get_sysadmin_email(). I could add this once 2.1 is released. So, you can use $SYSADMIN for now but I would plan on changing it once it's exposed via DataStructure.pm.


Brian Bouterse wrote:
When executing perl code inside a provisioning module, when I got o use the mail utility function, how can I know to $to address that the admins have configured to be the vcl administrator e-mail address?


Brian Bouterse
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On Oct 20, 2009, at 8:46 AM, Aaron Peeler wrote:

If you don't care about the message also going to the vcld.log file.

You can call the utils mail routine from any of the other modules.

mail($to,$subject,$mailstring, $from)

$from is optional


--On October 19, 2009 5:12:55 PM -0400 Brian Bouterse <bmbou...@gmail.com> wrote:

As esxthin.pm manages the image library hosted on a NetApp storage
system, the module monitors for important events, and would like to
notify an administrator more pro-actively then logging it as a critical.
Is there a VCL utility function, or existing example code which would be
able to send an e-mail to the VCL administrator?

This code would be a stop-gap until a more formal storage provisioning
architecture is worked out in the future.


Brian Bouterse
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