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- From what I can tell, anyone can go to the confluence site, create an 
and start adding/modifying content.  This makes sense, because it is 
desirable for people to be able to easily join the community and help with 
documentation.  However, from what I understand about ASF policy, any 
documentation that is distributed with a release artifact can only be 
contributed by people who have signed a CLA.  So, what we've been asking for 
is to have a separate space that is limited such that only people who have 
signed a CLA have access to contribute content.  Then, that content would be 
exported and bundled with releases as official documentation.

For more information see the section titled "Can we use the autoexport site as 
part of our main web site?" at http://cwiki.apache.org/CWIKI/


On Tuesday November 10, 2009, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> As noted in the May 2009 report -- questions were asked of the mentors
> regarding the rules governing wiki contributions from individuals who
> have not signed the CLA. It is the community's understanding that a
> separate wiki will be needed -- one for official documentation
> included with releases and one containing contributions from
> individual who have not signed the CLA.  A request has been made to
> one of the mentors who had offered to create a 2nd wiki instance.
> This has not been completed yet.
> I've never heard of ASF hosting Wiki's where no CLA has been signed.
> Does anyone have an example of an existing ASF project that does
> this?  If not, can someone point me to the VCL archive thread so I can
> "catch up"?
> Regards,
> Alan
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