We're running into issues using ESXi 4.0 here.  I've detailed them in
another thread, but it sounds like it comes down to the same issue.  So we'd
be very interested in this workaround.  In the meanwhile, we plan to get a
license to test with.  We may also grab portions of the new Vsphere SDK 4.0
to test with that as well.  Let me know how it goes.


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Ryan Johnson <rjoh...@gwmail.gwu.edu>wrote:

> After a cursory glance into this issue, it seems that the VIX api could be
> used to replace the functionality provided by VI perl toolkit which is
> currently used by VCL and no longer functions for free versions of ESXi
> 3.5up4+.  Does this sound possible / is there anyone using a free version
> of
> ESXi who would be interested in seeing this workaround developed?  It would
> at least allow continued use of the free version of ESXi with VCL in the
> near future.

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