Hi Alex,

Sorry - I'm unclear on this. What do you mean by vmware guest accounts? Are these vcl account or some other accounts that exist on the vmware host server?

Could you attach the log file that shows where it fails?


On 4/2/10 5:26 PM, Alexander Patterson wrote:

We have our CentOS 5.4 Linux Image. It works just fine when we load it in
the VCL system We are able to log in and use the image, in our current
vmware guest accounts.
The problem we are having with our system is that when another image like a
Windows Based images tries to reload over the current CentOS 5.4 guest
account, it will fail.

I went into our blades with the image running and it's currently on and
waiting. It stays loaded in the system and acts like a normal image. It
won't release the image to load another in it's place. I have to manually
shut down the machine in vmware server and delete the inventory in order for
a windows based machine to use that vmware guest account that the CentOS was
loaded on.
I also checked the vmware logs and the image is created correctly. I can get
a Window based machine to boot on the guest account but it will fail during
machine booting. The Centos stays in the inventory and we get

vmguest-6 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX failed ad...@local VCL 24x7 CentOS 5.4
(selected by system) vclXXXX

I can change this guest account back to available in the system
I have also tried to load an image in this place via the system page. That
also fails.
If i leave it available, when a user tries to load a image and this guest
account is selected the image will fail. All other images will fail on this
account but the CentOS5.4.

The CentOS5.4 will load just fine on this guest account nothing else.



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