Yes, change the vmtypeid to 5 and try to load the image again through vcl.


On 4/13/10 11:02 AM, Kiran N wrote:
It is set to 3 , since as discussed with my co worker Brian Copcea, it says
it is ESX provisioning but practically the most of the provisioning scheme
is GSX with few added ESX features..Do u suggest me to change it to 5..?
I did notice that VCL is generating it differently.. but could not get the
probable fix for it since the database entries are right..


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 10:52 AM, Aaron Peeler<>wrote:

In your assigned vmprofile. What is your vmtypeid set to?  It should be set
to id 5 which is 'vmwareESX3'

The vcl generated vmx file is creating EthernetX.vnet instead of


On 4/13/10 10:25 AM, Kiran N wrote:

Yes.. its the initial vm created..
Please find the files are attached with the emal..


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