Is dhcpd running correctly on the private network, the vm guest is listed correct mac address, etc?

If so, check the message log. Are there any dhcp entries, dhcpinform, dhcprequest, dhcpack, denial, etc related to the guest?


On 4/13/10 11:42 AM, Kiran N wrote:
Thanks Vinay, Aaron for the help!
I tried changing it to 5 and now.. it does recognize the 2 networks( as seen in VI client) in the correct manner. It shows the public IP address, but no private IP address.
Also, in the vcld.log, it still shows the message:
2010-04-13 10:23:35|15069|35:35|reload||sshd is NOT active on vcl01 yet
When seen in console in VI client, there is limited or no network connectivity status..

[PS:attached is the new vcx file]


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