Assuming you have a way to access the console without SSH, try stopping all sshd processes and then start ext_sshd. Check which address it's listening on:
netstat -l -n | grep ':22'

You should see something like:
tcp   0   0   <IP address>:22*   LISTEN

If it's listening on the private address, then there's a problem with either the ext_sshd script or /etc/ssh/external_sshd_config. Please include the contents of these files.

If it's listening on the public address and you still can't connect, check the firewall.

Also check the command used to start the external sshd process:
ps -ef | grep sshd

You should see something like:
/usr/sbin/sshd -f /etc/ssh/external_sshd_config

Hope this helps,

Kiran N wrote:
Hello All,
I am trying to create an Ubuntu base image. I have followed the instructions
as given in
I am able to ssh on the private network(eth1) from my management node but I
am unable to ssh on the public network(eth0).
I start my ssh on public interface by /etc/init.d/ext_ssh start and it shows
a message saying SSH started successfully but actually there is no ssh port
which listens on public interface. Hence I am unable to ssh remotely.
Are there any extra changes to be made for an ubuntu base image? Any input
will be helpful!

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