Thanks Andy!
The changes you suggested actually worked for Ubuntu images. I could
configure the two ssh deamons to running state.

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Andy Kurth <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I realize I worded the last message poorly.  I meant to run ps to list the
> sshd processes so you could see the command that was used to start them.
>  This would tell you whether or not the -f options was being used when
> ext_ssh was started.  The problems you are seeing are mainly with the
> ext_ssh file.  The instructions were written for Redhat and need to be
> reworked for Ubuntu because its service startup scripts have a different
> structure.
> I took a look at an Ubuntu installation.  There is no OPTIONS variable in
> /etc/init.d/ssh so the "OPTIONS=" line you added has no effect.  Instead, it
> uses a SSHD_OPTS variable.  Find the "init-functions" line and add the
> following line after it:
> SSHD_OPTS="-f /etc/ssh/external_sshd_config"
> Change all "" strings to "".  The following sed command
> should work:
> sed -i -r -e "s/(ext_)?sshd\.pid/" /etc/init.d/ext_ssh
> I have attached a script I used to configure sshd on my Ubuntu test image.
>  It's pretty raw but it works for me.  Please reply if you have any problems
> with it.  I'll update the documentation with this script if it's working
> properly.
> Hope this helps,
> Andy
> Kiran N wrote:
>> Thanks Andy for the response!
>> After stopping all the SSH services, I restarted the external ssh by the
>> command
>> /etc/init.d/ext_ssh start
>> and as you said, ext_ssh is listening on the private IP address.
>> I am attaching the ssh, ext_ssh and external_ssh_config files.
>> Also the output for command used to start the external sshd process:
>> ps -ef | grep sshd
>> is not as you said.
>> Hope this helps to figure out the problem!


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