Passing this along by request from Andy.

I am curious as to how robust the LDAP code is in VCL, as we 
might be required to make web front-end logins use that 
authentication method in the future.


- Cliff
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I am trying to get LDAP logins working on our VCL pilot. First 
off, we are not using LDAPS, we are using basic logins with 
stunnel (ldap requests are sent to a port on the local 
machine, the request is then encrypted and sent to our Active 
Directory server) -- I've verified that this works using other 
LDAP tools, however when I try logging in using VCL, it 
doesn't work.

Does the LDAP code you are using for VCL support this kind of 

I've attached my conf.php file to this email.


- Cliff Wood
Morgan State University

<<attachment: conf.php>>

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