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> (This message is to everyone in the community.  I added [mentors] to the 
> subject to help our mentors know it is of particular importance for them to 
> read.)
> After reading "Reg: JIRA issue VCL-202" by Kiran N sent on May 28, I realized 
> we need some guidelines for contributing large modifications to the project. 
> This is the general work flow I'd like to see happen for large modifications. 
> Please provide comments and suggestions.  Everyone's input is welcome (and 
> desired) -- if you are interested in becoming a committer, this would be a 
> great place to step up involvement.
> (1) State on the vcl-dev list what modification you'd like to make.  Some 
> background on why the existing codebase doesn't work in your situation would 
> be useful.  Remember, when you modify existing code, it affects work being 
> done by other contributors, which can result in imposing additional work on 
> them.
> (2) Propose a plan on the vcl-dev list for making the modification.  There 
> may 
> be others that want the same modification or something similar that can be 
> incorporated at the same time.  Those people can help develop the 
> modification.  On the other hand, the modification may have a very negative 
> affect on some other part of the project.  Also, this provides an opportunity 
> for existing contributors (those who know the codebase well) to provide input 
> on your plan.  The plan needs to include how the modification will be 
> maintained in the future - will you continue to maintain it; will existing 
> contributors have to pick it up and maintain it?
> (3) Create a JIRA issue to track implementation of the plan and start 
> developing.  This provides a way for others to track work being done on the 
> modification and ensures information about the modification will be added to 
> the CHANGELOG when the next release is cut.
> Thanks
> Josh
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