Thanks  Xianqing.

You can also fax the ICLA to 1-919-573-9199 or by snail mail.
The Apache Software Foundation
Dept. 9660
Los Angeles, CA 90084-9660, U.S.A.

Thanks for submitting the jira issue and the code.

We'll start reviewing and testing it as soon. Trying to the get rc for 2.2 completed.


On 8/25/10 1:12 PM, Glory wrote:
Hi VCL team:

I am Xianqing from NCSU. I create the new provisioning module to support 
KVM as hypervisor.

I have signed the ICLA and submitted to the I can not 
send the ICLA file to this mail list because it is too large and mail server 
reject it. If anyone need this form, please let me know.

I create new JIRE "VCL-339". In there, I update the procedures and code 
which supporting the KVM. Some procedures or parameters in code need to be changed 
depending on the specific platform you implementing KVM host and VCL. In future, we may 
read these parameters from VCL database. Please take a look at my code in JIRE VCL-339 
and give me some advice. I will update the code accourding to according to response.


Xianqing Yu
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
North Carolina State University

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