Hi Andy, thanks for your time. The university where I work, has time
and distance mode and virtual laboratories is an undeveloped theme. We
are trying to improve our virtual labs.

In this process of improving virtual labs we encountered several areas of work.
A central theme is the virtual laboratory software simulation of a
real experience. Where 3 teams developing the classroom Scorm
simulations themselves, the toolkit for real experience too, study
guides, etc.

Another focus: is the virtual laboratory as "online computer lab"
where students can use an operating system that is controlled, virus
free, with legal software, with libraries (dll) for each project, with
the versions of software proposed by the teacher, etc. This is useful
because at the time of evaluation or follow students' work is
complicated because the teacher can not play the simulations by
differences in software used by the student. For this axis VCL think
the project could serve us. To give students remote access to lab
Students now come with a generic user name and a generic pass several
times we realized the need to change this but we think it is the most
important thing right now. First we meet the need and then optimize
On your windows xp example you install Cygwin only because it is
written in machine instructions for preparing laboratory encotramos
the requirements of vcl, we know that linux is to install programs on
a Linux operating system, but we do not need it (we believed that it
needed VLCD). VCL may not be the project that we need, if so do you
know anyone who can prove?.
We have chosen to implement open source software as we can.

The last line is that the teacher and student share the same desk
(same screen) to when they have questions and communicate with
teachers via chat, phone, video conferencing. As student and teacher
can interact together on the same screen. For this axis todabia not
find a opensource project that fits. Do you know any?

Thank you very much, hope not to have boring, only to tell the reality
of here and use that we give to the project.


Gabriel José Muñoz
Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico
Córdoba, Argentina.

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 10:10 PM, Andy Kurth <andy_ku...@ncsu.edu> wrote:
> Hola,
> VCL currently supports Linux and Unix lab machines.  Adding support for
> Windows has been a desired feature for a long time.  Since you already have
> Cygwin sshd working on the machines it wouldn't take much to allow VCL to
> provision them.
> A few questions...
> How do users normally log in to these machines?
> Are they part of an AD domain?
> Was Cygwin installed individually, via a GPO, or something else?
> Do you know of anything else that you'd want to be automatically configured
> on the machine other than opening up RDP when a user makes a reservation?
> -Andy
> Gabriel Muñoz wrote:
>> Thank you,
>> Gabriel.
>> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Henry E Schaffer <h...@unity.ncsu.edu>
>> wrote:
>>> Gabriel Mu?oz writes:
>>>> Thank you, the scenario is the same. We are thinking to use this
>>>> project to get student's access when the lab is closed. Ours labs use
>>>> Linux and Windows. Please if you remember how you do to make it works
>>>> tell me.
>>>  I'm going to send this on to the vcl-dev list - I think you are more
>>> likely to get an answer there.
>>> --henry
>>>> Thank,
>>>> Gabriel.
>>>> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Henry E Schaffer <h...@unity.ncsu.edu>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Gabriel Mu?oz writes:
>>>>>> Can I use vcl for a phisical machine inside a lab?
>>>>>  Yes, I think - but I'm not sure what you mean.
>>>>>> Notes of this machine (Computer):
>>>>>> * OS: Windows xp
>>>>>> * Inside this computer I installed: cygwin with ssh, enabled firewall,
>>>>>> enabled rpc, I can connect to this machine remotly from vlcd server
>>>>>> via ssh and rdesktop.
>>>>>> * I have installed vcld, management node and web interface.
>>>>>> In affimative case:
>>>>>>  * Is necesary make an image for this machine?
>>>>>>  * How I must do to register this machine in the web interface?
>>>>>>  * How I get the control of this machine via web interface?
>>>>>> I'm trying, too hard but without good news.
>>>>>  For physical lab machines, we use the VCL software to reserve these
>>>>> computers for online use when the computer lab is closed - so there is
>>>>> no conflict between the remote user and a user at the physical
>>>>> keyboard.
>>>>> These computers aren't re-imaged - rather the user gets what's there
>>>>> and
>>>>> isn't root/Administrator.
>>>>>  Foggy memory: I think this can be done for Linux/Solaris/Windows lab
>>>>> machines, but some small piece of software must be installed to have
>>>>> them talk with the VCL software.
>>>>>  If this is the type of use you are asking about, I'm sure someone else
>>>>> can give more details.  If you have another use in mind, please explain
>>>>> further.
>>>>> --
>>>>> --henry schaffer

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