Thanks for contributing this.

I took a quick look at it. The patch can be avoided by changing the call from _getcurrentimage to $self->os->get_current_image_name(). The subroutine takes its place and should return the same value.

All calls to should really be changed and this subroutine should be removed. It contains code that was used before the OS-specific code was modularized.


On 12/10/2010 8:34 AM, Aaron Peeler wrote:
Cool. Look forward to testing it out.

On 12/9/10 5:26 PM, David Hutchins wrote:
Provisioning and capture are working. The module only supports localdisk
mode at the moment, but network storage support should be trivial at this
point. If anyone wants to test this, feel free to contact me with
The code is currently attached to JIRA issue VCL-417, at . will have to be
patched with the two patches, provisioning patch then capture patch. and will need the provided patch.

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