Hello, my question is for any licensing experts on the list.

I would like to contribute code/fixes to the VCL project, but my employer prevents me from signing the ICLA. The only FOSS license I can release code under is the modified/new BSD license. I am wondering if there is any way for me to contribute code to VCL under this restriction.

I have noticed that VCL's web front end code contains a distribution of Dojo, which is BSD (or AFL) licensed, and there are several other components with different licensing requirements in, or otherwise required by, the project.

The code I would most like to contribute is highly self-contained (a full-featured KVM provisioning module with power_* functions, uses OS functions, etc). Could it be released separately under a BSD license and somehow included or merged into VCL?

What about for other, less self-contained code, such as fixes?

Thanks, and please forgive my licensing ignorance; I'm a dev, not a lawyer.

Noah Baker

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