On Mar 30, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> So, the vote on the IPMC list passed.  However, due to a question on the vcl-
> user list, I discovered a very small bug, but one that would be nice to have 
> fixed in the release.  The problem is in a javascript file.  There are two 
> arrays that have a comma after the final element.  Firefox is okay with that; 
> IE gives a parse error.  The result is that no graphs show up under IE on the 
> statistics page.  The fix is to remove the 2 commas.  I don't feel like 
> removing them necessitates a full cycle of cutting another RC, having a vote 
> on our list, and then having a vote on the IPMC list.  I'd like fix it in 
> trunk, in the final release tag, and in the release archive, but I don't know 
> if that's allowed without doing the full cycle again.
> Do we need to go through the whole process again, or can I just fix it and 
> cut 
> the release?

Yes, any change requires a new vote.

This is because of the changes in signatures etc.


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