I am trying to do something that might not be possible in VCL, but maybe someone out there has an idea how I could make an easy modification to do it.

We use VMware to provision our images on demand. We don't necessarily need to sysprep them - the VMs are pretty much ready to go after loading. Except for two things:

* We need to rename the computer
* We need to join the computer to our domain

I have a script that can do both things, but it doesn't seem to work unless we reboot after each command. I have been able to get one reboot to happen by setting the imagemeta.postoption = 'reboot'.

So my questions are:

1) Is it possible to get two reboots? i.e. somehow have my script do a reboot and have VCL pick up where it left off? 2) Is there already some way built into VCL to do what I want? I see a script in the Sysprep folder called set_computer_name.vbs but I believe this only gets called during Image Capture. We don't know what we want to name the computer until we are provisioning it for the reservation.

Please let me know if I am not explaining things coherently.


Liz Wendland
Duke University Office of Information Technology

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