Thank you for your interest in contributing to VCL.  It would be really great 
if you could contribute your customizations back to the project!

The general process for doing this is to create an issue on our JIRA 
(bug/feature tracking) site.  You will need to set up an account to create a 
new issue.  Anyone is allowed to set up an account.  This is the URL for the 

It would be best to open a separate issue for (1) and (2) that you listed 
below and also a separate issue for each bug fix.

After creating a JIRA issue, you can attach code to it.  You can either attach 
modified versions of the files you changed or patches to those files.

Also, it would be best for you to sign an Individual Contributor License 
Agreement (ICLA).  You can find more information about the ICLA at the 
following URL.  Basically, an ICLA says that you allow the Apache Software 
Foundation to use the code you contributed.

If you are interested in becoming a more long term committer to the project 
(we need more committers to graduate out of incubator status!), we have a page 
that explains how to get more involved:

I look forward to hearing more from you,

Josh Thompson

On Tuesday May 10, 2011, Satoshi KOBAYASHI wrote:
> Dear VCL developers,
> I am Satoshi Kobayashi working as a system engineer in Hitachi Ltd. Japan.
> Our customers are mainly universities who needs various computer systems
> for education, office, etc. These universities are highly attracted to
> VCL, and we had introduced and constructed some VCL system among these
> sites.
> During the constructions, we made some customizes to the original VCL
> source code and we are looking forward for these customizes to be feed
> backed to the original.
> The main customizes made are as followed.
> 1. Multilingualization of Web UI
> 2. Measures against cross site scripting
> 3. Some bug fixes
> Regarding 1., we customized the Web UI to be displayed not only by the
> original English language interface, but with other languages like
> Japanese or Chinese. Using the gettext library and the language library
> file in ready, users can choose and change the interface language by
> themselves. We think that this a very useful function to help users
> outside English-speaking country.
> In regards to 2. and 3., comparatively minor changes that we made through
> the construction.
> Please let us hear if it is possible to feed back. In case you need any
> further information to evaluate(ex. customized source codes), please
> inform us.
> Best regards,
> Satoshi Kobayashi
Josh Thompson
Systems Programmer
Advanced Computing | VCL Developer
North Carolina State University

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