Hi VCL community,

I am developing KVM Provisioning Module for VCL system, which is based on
my previous version of KVM Provisioning Module. You can find out my
previous KVM module's information from here,

Currently, I am trying to make this module's code as generic as possible.
And I will including these features inside this new version of module.
1. The module will use libvirt API to manipulate the VM on KVM hosts. The
main reason behind this is that libvirt is widely used API, many people in
the community talked about this before, and libvirt support for different
hypervisors, such as KVM, Xen, Qemu, etc.. It would be easier to port this
module to support other hypervisor in future.
2. A setup scripted will be developed to help the users to setup host much
3. A document descripts how to install this module.

Welcome everyone to join the discussion with me if you are interesting
about. Such as, is there any new features you expect to see in this module?
Do you have any suggestion about this module? Or you have any questions
about this module? Please let me know.


Xianqing Yu
WSTI Intern

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