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The ASF has a very clearly defined release process.  We have it specifically 
documented for the ASF VCL community here:


Part of that process is to create a release candidate.  Then, a vote is called 
for on the vcl-dev list that includes information about where to download the 
release candidate for examination.

As the release manager, I create the release candidate and call for the vote.  
I removed the esx and esxthin provisioning modules from the release
candidate - the esx module because it is very out of date and its 
functionality has been replaced by the vmware module, and the esxthin module 
because (a) it requires physical hardware for testing that none of the active 
VCL committers have access to and (b) it had not been touched by the original 
author (you) in over a year.

The release candidate voting for 2.2.1 took place on the vcl-dev list from 
3/18/11 to 4/4/11.  The call for the initial vote is archived here:


The vote result is archived here:


You had ample opportunity to review the release candidates during that time 
and bring up an objection to esxthin being removed.  That is why the ASF is so 
emphatic about releases taking place through a community voting process - so 
that community members have the opportunity to express any objections to a 

In your email below, you stated that "It is very well tested".  I'll draw your 
attention to your last email to the vcl-dev list that is archived here (sent 
on 2/3/2010):


In that email, you asked Andy to do some updates to the esxthin module because 
you didn't have a good way of testing it.  That was over a year before the 
2.2.1 release.  You also expressed interest in helping to keep the module 
updated better in the future.  However, that is not reflected in the code 
repository nor by any emails to the vcl-dev list.

So, at the time of the 2.2.1 release:
- -no active committers had a way to test the esxthin module
- -the author of the esxthin module (you) had expressed over a year earlier 
he didn't have a good way to test the module
- -the author of the esxthin module (you) had not contacted the list in over a 
year, even when users had asked questions about using it on the list (implies 
author is not interested in maintaining module)
- -no one expressed concern about the esxthin module not being included during 
the voting process

As the release maintainer, I felt it was the more responsible action to remove 
the module from the release rather than release something that could lead 
people to problems using it because they would assume it is up to date and 
well tested.  Additionally, the module is still in the code repository for 
anyone that would like to download it and try it from there.  I most certainly 
did not "selectively overlook" the esxthin module during the release process.

If you have disappointment with it not being included in the 2.2.1 release, I 
suggest that you step up your level of involvement - with the code by keeping 
the module up to date, and with the community by being more active on the vcl-
dev and vcl-user lists (you didn't even vote for the 2.2 release, much less 
the 2.2.1 release).

Apache VCL release manager

On Tuesday August 09, 2011, Brian Bouterse wrote:
> I am the original author of this work and am extremely disappointed that it
> has been dis-included from the release process.  It is very well tested,
> and was proven to work.  As an open source project, it is very *unfair* to
> selectively overlook
> contributions that have been made out in the open and according to the
> process.
> This is an example of why the VCL commit and release process is broken.
> Brian
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> From: Aaron Peeler <aaron_pee...@ncsu.edu>
> Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 2:15 PM
> Subject: Re: VCL w/ Netapp thin provisioning
> To: vcl-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Hi Gerhard,
> Correct, this provisioning module did not get included in the latest
> release because it wasn't maintained by the original creator. Since
> the current active committers don't have a way to test and validate
> it, we had to drop it from the 2.1.1 version.
> If I recall correctly, this module was created as a proof of concept
> to test how fast VCL could provision thousands of vms on the higher
> end netapp storage arrays at the NetApp DataCenter here in NC.
> If your interested in maintaining it, we'd love to discuss bringing
> you in as an official committer. Just let us know if your interested.
> Cheers,
> Aaron
> On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Hartl, Gerhard L. <gha...@odu.edu> wrote:
> > I've noticed that the Netapp (esxthin.pm) portion of the available
> provisioning engines was not included in the latest 2.1.1 version of VCL as
> it was in previous versions and was just curious if there are any updated
> versions of it.  I have been able to get it working properly after a bit of
> tinkering, as things like multi core provisioning was not included in the
> version I currently have, however I would like to stick to a tried and true
> version.
> > If it hasn't been updated in awhile, I'd be happy to add a fews lines in
> it.
> > - Gerhard
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