Hey folks.  We're about to go live with our VCL pilot project, and at this 
stage we're staying with local VCL accounts.  In the future we'll be wiring 
things into our institutional ldap environment, but we're not there yet and we 
need to find a way to function with about 50 local users, growing perhaps to 
150 in January.  One obvious challenge we see coming is with folks forgetting 

I don't see a facility in the web interface for admin users to reset passwords. 
 Have I missed it somewhere?  Is there some sort of tool somewhre else?  
Assuming not, I'm going to have to build something relatively user-friendly for 
our helpdesk staff to use.  (The helpdesk won't be doing any overall VCL admin 
- just password resets and the like.)  Can anyone suggest a good approach to 
doing such a thing?  Please keep in mind that we don't want to get too fancy, 
as we'll only need to be doing this for maybe a year or so.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

Terry McGuire

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