Many parts of the VCL web interface use the Dojo javascript framework, which 
has a nice facility for incrementally loading the classes needed for a 
particular page through the dojo.require(...) function. On some pages, however, 
the number of separate GET requests grows rather large. This makes the pages 
much less responsive, especially when a page is loaded for the first time.

With dojo, it is also possible to create custom 'profiles', which are groups of 
dojo classes that are assembled into a single javascript library. More 
information about this is available here:

I assembled about a dozen of these 'profiles' for our VCL installation, and 
with some modification to the .ht-inc/utils.php page, this change has resulted 
in a dramatic improvement in the loading and rendering of the vcl web pages.

Is there any thought for moving in this direction for an upcoming release? I 
have created a JIRA issue for this at:

where I have included some more information as well as the code I used to 
implement this in our VCL setup.

Best wishes,

Aaron Coburn
Systems Administrator and Programmer
Academic Technology Services, Amherst College
(413) 542-5451

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