Dear all,

Can anyone help with following issue?
The network consist of:
A CentOS 6.0 x64 server housing VCL 2.2.1 Management node, Web components and 
MySQL db. It is also a DHCP server serving both, the LAN (private) and WAN 
(public) networks.
An ESXi 4.1 hypervisor housing 2 Virtual Machines (VMs) at the moment, 1 VM is 
an XP SP3, standard build with Cygwin fully functional. The 2nd VM is a 
BackTrack 5 r1 (Debian/Ubuntu based) with SSH enabled.
Each machine have have 2 NICs, a public NIC connecting to the internet and a 
private NIC for the VCL management traffic as well as LAN connectivity.

VCL was fully functional and allowed me to successfully create a base image of 
the XP VM. I then added the XP base image to a group (allVMImage) via the web 
interface using the default “admin” account.
I then requested a “New reservation” of that XP image. 2 mins later while 
processing the reservation, it failed with error “Confirming image exists (22) 
Failed to update private IP address”.

Since, the “New Reservation” page displays the normal reservation options but 
with a line of red text “Selection not currently available” and the “View Time 
Table” button instead of the “Reserve/submit” button.
Clicking the “View time table” button shows a blank page with a single line: 
“There are currently no computers available that can run the application you 
I am unable to follow this mail archive suggestion: because 
if I navigate to Mange Computers -> All VM Computers, or allComputers, or 
newvmimages (Edit computer information) I get the following error:
Error encountered
Unkown error type: [8] Undefined index: 4
Error at 473 in /var/www/html/vcl/.ht-inc/computers.php

And if I try commenting out line 3720 through 3734 in utils.php as per: the VCL 
web portal does not load up (blank browser page), tested in FireFox 6.0, IE 8 
and Chrome 4.1.249..

All of the above was setup according to VCL docs:
What I would really like, is to:

1)       Be able to place new reservation again

2)       Create a base image of the Backtrack VM and make it an available image 
for users to reserve and use.

One last thing, I had to crate an additional ESXi profile to point to the 
correct Datastore should this matter.

Any help/pointers are greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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